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Serve the objectives of UNESCO.
Connecting Individual, Organization, Events, festival, Groups, Government organizations, NGOs working in the field of Arts, Sport & Spiritualism at one Platform and promote them.
Organizing Training , Conference, Workshops, Festival for the promotion and safeguarding intangible heritage, Sports.
Organizing Olympidia in the field of Sport & Art every 4 Year for the promotion of Arts & Sport and Increase tourism in Host Country.
To protect, preserve and promote Arts, Sport & Spirituality.
Organize World congress in the field of Art which Serve the objectives of UNESCO Financial Support for the Needy Organization who is working in the field of Art for promoting and preserving the intangible heritage.
Financial Support & Renovation for the Intangible Culture Heritage Site in the country by giving acrediation as “ ICASS Intangible Culture Heritage Site”.
Supporting & Promoting & Safeguarding the dying art & Languague.
Financial Support to needy Artist who is expert in Any form of Ancient Art and Language.
ICASS Global Award in Sport, Culture, & Spiritualism.
ICASS Global Events in Host Country.
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