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Who can Join ICASS ?

Any Individual, Folk Group,International festival, National festival, NGOs, Art Groups, Music group, Folklore Group,Sportsman, Sport group,Spiritual Organizations   who is working in the Field of Arts, Sport & Spiritualism Can Join ICASS.  Please Contact Your National Section if you  have or you can Email us by clicking Contact us Page.

Online Membership form can be find by Click This link. Membership Form

Membership Fee & Vlidity.

Folk Group has to Contact National Section for Memberships.Paid Festival & Championship events it is 100 EUR per year.  Membership is Valid for one year and Has to renewal every year.


ICASS Member if they wish can give donation to ICASS which can be use to support the Artist and use for the promotion and Preservation of ICH and fulfilment of ICASS Mission. Any Amount is welcome. To give donation please write to ICASS Secretery at



Individual / International Festival / NGOs
/ Sport Team /Exhibitions institutes,museums,
universities,and similar institutions and national

CATEGORY B€ 100 / year

International Paid festival / Championship Events
& Sport events which Charge
Participation fee from groups/ Sport

CATEGORY CFree ( Only by ICASS Invite )

ICASS National Section /ICASS
Regional Representative.ICASS
Sector Representative & Legal
Commission/Local Municipalities.


For Corporates
Tourism Dept


For International & national
festival /Events/Sport Events /
Conference /Workshop.

Note:Membership & Acrediation Certificate Digital copy is Free. If Need physical copy it cost  20 USD + Postal Charges ( Normal or express charges as per selection )

Appliation procedure & Termination

Anyone who wish to Apply for ICASS Membership must fill online application form.

Approval of Membership is subject to due-delegence & Background check  by ICASS Team depands on Membership category.  Final Approval by ICASS President ,Secretery general  & Legal Commission  weather to  award membership or Not. Filling online application does not meaning that Membership is approved. President & Secretery Has Rights to ask Additional Document.

Termination of Membership:

ICASS President, Secretery General & Legal Commission has Power to terminate any member at any time without explanation or giving extension.


Category A:

  1. No Membership fee.
  2. Opportunity to Apply for ICASS International
  3. Access to International Events/festival/Conference/Workshop/ Seminars Information online on ICASS Website and Apply.
  4. Free Access to Many International groups & Individual with similer interest.
  5. Free Digital online Listing for Promotion of Festival / Events / Workshop/ Seminar/Forum.
  6. Free Access to Online Festival / Event Calander and other International Events.
  7. Opportunities to Participate into international events.
  8. Opportunity to Apply for Financial Aid. ( terms & Condition Apply )
  9. ICASS rating for their Groups / team /Music group ( At Additional cost )
  10. Free use of ICASS Logo.
  11. Free Membership Certificate & ID cards ( Digital Copy only ).
  12. Opportunity to Advertise on ICASS website & FB page.
  13. Possibility to Apply for ICASS Acrediation for the International festival / Events/ Workshops.
  14. Opportunity to Participate into ICASS Global Congress & ICASS Events.

In addition, your confirmed membership makes you part of a worldwide network of Simmiler Interest people/ NGOs/ Organizations.

Category B:

All the Benefits as Membership Category A Plus Additional Promotion on Social Media and ICASS FB page & website.

Category C:

It is Special Honor and Available only by Invite from ICASS President. All Benefits of Category A plus

  1. Opportunity to Apply to become Host Country for ICASS Global Congress / Olympedia Festival / Global Sport Events.

Corporate Partnership membership:

Opportunity to Reach worldwide network for promotion and Advertisments of Business Hubs / Tourism department of Governments Via ICASS Global Network.

ICASS Accreditation :

Opportunity to Get ICASS Accreditation for your International & National Events / Workshops / Forum / Seminar and Any events in Arts, Sport & Spiritualism.
ICASS Accreditation Logo Symbolism of Honor ,Credibility & Trust and
International Standerd.

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