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About ICASS Festival Acrediation Logo.

ICASS Belives in Less rules Regulations & More Work
It is more than Honor. Because it has High Level of filter of questions to be answered by the Organization who need to apply for Acrediation.
“ICASS Festival” Logo expresses High quality standard of organization and high artistic level. It is Reflection of Quality & Trust in Organization. It is International Recognization.


What is “ICASS Festival”

It is International Acrediation and Endorsment of your event. ICASS Acrediation is Means of expression of Promotion & Safeguarding of Traditional Culture and serving to fulfill the objective of UNESCO.

Who Can Apply for ICASS festival Acrediation?

Any International folk & Art festival, Events, Competition , National Festival, Traditional Festival Can Apply for ICASS festival Acrediation. Provided that they first need to apply for ICASS Membership. Acrediation is Free and Valid for 5 Year and Again need to renewal.

What is ICASS Acrediation fee?

To get the ICASS Acrediation approval is Free.
ICASS Policy is no Membership fee But Give more work. Rather than Paying membership fee ICASS beleives that Use that Money for promotion of Culture and Support The Poor Artist/ Sports man/ Culture organization. If you wish you can Donate to ICASS any amount and ICASS will use this funds for to fulfill the Objectives of UNESCO as well as Help other ICASS Members.
By getting ICASS Acrediation you are contributing indirectly as Safeguarding & Promotion of Arts, Sport & Spiritualism and fulfil the objectives of UNESCO.

ICASS Festival Acrediation Benefits.

All benefits of ICASS Membership.
Access Free Contacts of Worldwide network of Folk Groups,Teams, Musician, Singer group, Children Group and Artist working for same Interest.
Contacts of High Quality groups who isAuthetic And Stylized in nature for your Festival.
Free Digital Promotion and Advertisment in International Calander ( Digital Copy ) with help of ICASS Global Promotion.
Opportunity to Apply for Patronage & Financial Aid in the way of Donation from ICASS Global Donor. ICASS can propose your Traditional festival/ Events to Worldwide network of ICASS Donors who interested in funding for Culture Promotion & Safeguarding. Terms & Condition apply.
Opportunity to Become ICASS International Donor.
Opportunity to become Host for ICASS Global Events & Sport Olympic.
International Recognization & Endorsment.

Guidelines to Apply for ICASS Festival Acrediation.

Step by Step Application.

Appply for ICASS Membership first.
International festival & Events Must be atleast 2 year Old.
Contact the ICASS President & National Section if Available in your country for Acrediation.
Sign the Letter of Undertaking & MOU with ICASS.
Answering & Fulfill the questionary of ICASS Guidelines.
Fulfill the objectives of ICASS & Accepting terms Condition of ICASS.
ICASS will Due Diligence thru its International network in Background.
Get the Approval if Success in step 2 to 7.

Note: ICASS Express Acrediation Procedure.

If The Festival / Events is Already Member of Another International Organization than it can straightway Bypass all Procedure and get Acrediation in day 1. Only Step 1, 2 & 3 Is Mandatory.
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