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ICASS Stands for International Council for Promotion of Arts, Sport & Spiritualism.
ICASS is Umbrella Organization which Connect Art, Sport & Spiritualism Bridging all kind of Individual, Organizations, Government working in the filed of Culture, Sport & Spiritualism. ICASS Believs that every Folk Art has Spiritualism & sports in it and every sports has Spiritualisam & Art in it Vice versa. Arts, Sport & Spiritualism is all Connected and it is not seperate Eliment.
The Main goal of ICASS is to Serve the objectives of UNESCO.
ICASS Support the activities of its members working in the areas of Art,folklore, Culture, Sport, Spiritualism by giving them Guidance, International & National Workshop, Acrediation, Financial Support In the field of Art, Sport & Spiritualism.
ICASS at present colaborating with privet organizations & business Hubs to increase finance so that ICASS Achive the Task & Objectives of UNESCO.

ICASS was created with the purpose of:

supporting cross-border understanding through sport and culture And Spiritualism.
promoting Folklore, Sport & Spiritualism.
A Single Platform to connect Individual, Organization, Festival, Events, Workshops working in the field of Art, Sport & Spiritualism.

ICASS Motto:

ICASS Believes in Less Rules & More Work.
Let us work Togather & grow Togather.
If you Promote your Culture than the Culture will Promote you.
If you Work only for rules Than the rules will Rule you & Ruin you.
Work for Culture, Sport & Spiritualism. Not for Rules.
Welcome to ICASS Global Family.


ICASS Logo is not just Logo it has deep meaning that symbolised
Art, Sport and Spiritualism. ICASS Logo Is Special. ICASS Logo stands for its purpose
and Represent the whole World in it.

  1. Area that has Triangle and blue color base Meaning– Represnt the Sky Above
  2. Small Triangle – Represent the Eye of God that looks for you Always from top.
  3. 7 Piller with 7 color Meaning -Represent the 7 Continent of world with each specific color for each continent.
  4. ICASS Meaning – ICASS Supports & Promote Art, Sport & Spiritualism from 7 continent of world And it is golden color meaning of prosperity in all Area and also stands between Sky and earth base explain below.
  5. Three Line on base
    Meaning – The Three line represent Mothor Earth and has Brown color that represent earth.The Three line represent Art, Sport & Spiritualism This is Base on Which ICASS Stands represent 7 continent.
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